Hearing your voice

Capturing the profile and evolution of creative hubs throughout Europe
Thank you for joining us on the pilot of the Yearly Creative Hubs Barometer, which will establish a baseline to compare and understand hubs in Europe over the next few years.  

Your self-assessment feedback will be important for creative hub managers to know more about trends in their sector, to better advocate for it and to better understand where their hub fits in the creative economy.

  All individual data retrieved will be treated confidentially. Only aggregated data will be made public. Please provide the most accurate data possible.  

Please provide all input as measured on 31st December 2016. 

Questions on the Creative Hubs Barometer can be addressed to the British Council (Roxana Apostol ) and to ECBN (Rui Monteiro,
This survey consists of four sections:
Section 1 is about your basic profile;
Section 2 is about your present activities;
Section 3 is about your impact; and
Section 4 is about your future.
Thank you for your time!


Hub name (English): *

City: *

Country: *

Website: *

Hub manager name: *

Foundation year: *

Typology *

Short description of your hub: *

feel free to use existing material from your website
Sub-sector coverage *


Are you a formal legal entity? *

If yes, which type:

If no, please elaborate

Annual turnover (total in Euros): *

Annual expenses (total in Euros) *

Full-time staff: *

Part-time staff: *

What is your in-house staff characterisation? (number of staff per category)

insert 0 when applicable
All-hub Management *

Marketing / communication & events *

Administrative / financial, Grant writing *

Engineering, design, creative production *

Housekeeping: Reception / Cleaning / Security *

Event management *

Other *

If other, please specify:

What external services do you need to sub-contract for your management activities? *

What services do you provide? *

What facilities best describes your hub? *

How many organisations / individuals have you supported in 2016?

(include all – incubation, workshops, acceleration, etc.)
Number of organisations: *

Number of individuals (include organisations staff + solo): *

What is the average length of stay of organisations / individuals to work in/with your hub? *

Considering "online platform work is the main source of income for individuals using your hub’s services", do you? *

What is percentage of self-employed among your hub’s residents? *

Do you think your hub is part of the job market phenomenon characterised by increased individuals’ vulnerability? *


Which kind of impact do you think your hub primarily has? *

Do you promote environmentally conscious activities? *

If yes, could you exemplify:

we might use this for short case studies to be published on the barometer – we will select based on the information you provide and will follow-up with you
Do you promote social and/or well-being activities? *

If yes, could you exemplify:

we might use this for short case studies to be published on the barometer – we will select based on the information you provide and will follow-up with you

How confident are you regarding the sustainability of your hub in the long-term (4+ years)? *

Do you think in the upcoming year there will be more demand for creative hubs and hubs services than the current offer on the market? *

Why? *

What are your strategic decisions in 2017 for the following options?

Public funding *

Private funding (i.e. sponsorship) *

Membership fees *

Number of supported organisations *

Hub in-house staff *

Annual turnover *

Annual expenses *

Number of services *

What will be the main challenges / decisions for the creative hub sector in Europe in the next year? (max 2) *

What should be the European Creative Hubs Network’s advocacy priorities (at policy-making level) to respond to your hub’s needs: *

What should be the European Creative Hubs Network’s activity priorities (for its members) to respond to your hub’s needs: *

Thank you again for participating in the survey! 
Individual data will be processed confidentially.

You will be informed once the results are published in January 2018 and presented at the European Creative Hubs Forum final conference.
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